Walkway Elevator

In addition to serving as an urban, waterfront park available for the public’s enjoyment, Upper Landing Park will provide access to the Walkway Over the Hudson Waterfront Elevator. This 21-story, glass elevator—expected to be open to the public in the Spring of 2014—will rapidly transport visitors from the Poughkeepsie waterfront to the deck of the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park towering 212 feet overhead.

In many ways, the elevator will serve as a destination unto itself, drawing new visitors and tourists from the New York City metro region. Because of its proximity to the Poughkeepsie Train Station, visitors arriving in Poughkeepsie via the Metro North Railroad will be encouraged to access the world-renowned linear park via the Walkway Waterfront Elevator. Furthermore, the elevator will create a new intersection connecting Walkway State Park and its expanding rail trail system to an evolving series of interconnected waterfront parks along the Poughkeepsie shoreline. Upper Landing Park is situated at the nexus of this key juncture, serving as doorway, if you will, to two dynamic new public amenities.

Please Note: Due to seasonal and weather-related considerations, the Walkway Waterfront Elevator may maintain hours of operation that differ from the Upper Landing Park’s schedule. Please visit walkway.org in order to determine if the Walkway Waterfront Elevator will be operating at the time of your visit.